MUD Wood Classic

Although the objective was to create a unique design vehicle, comfort and functionality were never neglected.
Therefore the MUD Wood Classic provides a serie of features and functionalities hard to find on any other bike.


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The great journey of the wooden bike.

It’s the first wooden bike made by MUD and this is what the brand is all about. Launched in 2015, it’s been quite a journey ever since. The name MUD Wood Classic was given for two main reasons. First, it’s the first model launched. And second, it was always in our plans to create different models of wooden bikes, each one serving it’s own purpose.

The model has been updated each year, always in search of perfection. The 2018 model is reinforced regarding stability and it’s future proof since it is prepared to be a fully functional electric vehicle. In the frame structure there are several details, ensuring that it’s easy to install on the standard model an electrical motor and its battery.

No component on the MUD Wood Classic is there by chance, every part was carefully chosen in order to provide the best experience for every person. It’s a stable, comfortable and enjoyable bicycle both for casual tours in the countryside and for the everyday routine tours to work.

It is a certified bicycle according to the ISO Standards and passed with distinction on the most extreme tests ensuring its safety and reliability. Although It’s not a common bicycle, it’s completely water proof and the needed maintenance is just like any ordinary bike. Every MUD Wood Classic has its own serial number, warranty card (2 years) and hand signed certificate of authenticity.

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Frame – Birch and Oak
Gearshift Lever – Mud Cycles
Hub Gear – Shimano Nexus (3 speed)
Brake Levers – Miranda
Brakes – Shimano Rollerbrake
Pedals – Wooden Mud Cycles
Crankset – Miranda
Chain – KMC
Saddle – Brooks B67 Aged
Seat Post – Miranda
Rims – Rodi Web, double wall 26”
Tires – Schwalbe 26”
Mudguards – Wooden Mud Cycles
Slender Grips – Mud Cycles

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Dimensions 200 × 30 × 100 cm


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